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Mr Am Rai – The Headmaster

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) plays a central role in the lives and experiences of children at Montpelier School. We are fortunate that our PTA is inclusive, enthusiastic and well organised, allowing it to successfully lead events and enable opportunities that benefit all our families.

In all its work the PTA welcomes parent and carer involvement and, combined with a positive relationship with the school, each year new faces join this vital part of life at Montpelier.

For those who can’t regularly participate in PTA meetings, any help at special events such as the International Food Fair, the Christmas Disco, Cake Sales or the Summer Fete is always welcomed and valued.

As a school we work hard to ensure our children succeed academically, socially and emotionally. The result is that our children are happy and have a great deal of fun during their time here, and the support and help of the PTA plays a terrific part in this.

PTA School Quiz

PTA Quiz NightThe PTA School Quiz is a very BIG social night for the parents and teachers of the school.

Over the years the quiz has become a very popular evening, offering a chance to test the brain matter, team up with your friends, enjoy a catered for dinner menu and have lots of fun.

The quiz consists of 10 rounds of questions, a quiz pack, a drawing round and prizes for all. Join in and be part of the PTA School Quiz, it's a lot of fun with a great atmosphere to enjoy. 

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School Calendars

PTA 2015 Calendar | Montpelier Primary SchoolThe School Calendar is one of the many activities organised by the PTA. A tremendous amount of work goes into this project.

Principally the hard-working parent that collates the pictures, resizes, photoshops, edits and designs the calendar is Delia Alfonso.

The children really love the calendar and take great pride in seeing their self portrait all printed for viewing. You can purchase the School Calendar at this year's PTA School Disco.

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Christmas Disco

PTA Christmas DiscoThe Montpelier annual children and parents disco is one of the most exciting events in the PTA Calendar.

The children look forward to this event as they get to see their 'boring old school' transformed into a glittering sparkly venue and get to spend the evening socialising with their friends.

This is a team event and we welcome your voluntary time to join in and make the evening an enormous success.

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Easter Cake Sale

Easter Cake SaleAt the end of the Spring Term we welcome the Easter break in fitting style with our Cake Sale - a celebration of all things sugary, sweet and sticky!

The Easter Cake Sale is a wonderful event and always welcomes your support to make the day all that more special. 

The Event organiser is parent, Tamsin Connett.

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Summer Fete

PTA Summer Fete 2016The Summer Fete is the main fundraiser for Montpelier Primary School’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

This is a BIG event and takes months to plan. Your support is greatly appreciated by all the children, teachers, staff and parents.

EVERY penny you spend at the Summer Fete goes towards resources for the school and improving the children's journey through education. 

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Int. Food Fair

International Food FairThe International Food Fair is an annual event during which time we ask Parents, Carers, Grannies and Grandads to cook a variety of international dishes.

These dishes are then sold and the money raised goes towards bettering our children’s future at Montpelier Primary School.

It’s a fun event enjoyed by all and the atmosphere it creates and the togetherness it brings is absolutely amazing and what makes Montpelier Primary School different!

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